German Central Bank, headquarters Berlin and Brandenburg


  • Technical master planning of system groups 1 – 8 according to § 51 HOAI (2009)
  • Performance phases 2 – 8

Project results

  • Remodeling and expansion of the headquarters and branches of the Deutsche Bundesbank (German Central Bank) in Berlin Charlottenburg including all associated remodeling and restoration measures with special consideration to historic preservation, security, and property protection provisions.
  • Creation of the space requirements for the centralization of the headquarters and branches of the former Landeszentralbank in Berlin and Brandenburg (LZB) that had been scattered among several locations since its founding in 1992
  • Application of technologically efficient solutions for energy savings such as countercurrent heat exchanger heat recovery with adiabatic cooling
  • Two compression chillers
  • Two emergency standby power systems
  • Ten elevators, shredder facility
  • Complete sprinkler system and clean agent fire suppression system
  • Kitchen for the preparation of approx. 200 meals
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