Construction of a new replacement building for the main building, including retrofitting and connecting to the old building, Friedrich-Ebert Hospital, Neumünster


  • Technical master planning of system groups 1 – 5 according to § 51 HOAI (2009)
  • Performance phases 1 – 9

Project results

  • Construction of a new replacement building in two construction stages, with several construction phases each, while maintaining ongoing operation of the hospital
  • The construction stages include both patient wards and functional areas
  • In the first construction stage, a new patient ward with physical therapy, geriatric outpatient clinic, as well as a functional tract with lab, kitchen, pharmacy, functional diagnostics, labor and delivery, surgery (11 operating rooms), radiology, and central sterilization is constructed.
  • The complete technical infrastructure for water, heating, cooling, steam, and power supply as well as waste water disposal is also built in two construction stages during ongoing operations.
  • Within the scope of the parallel renewal of the central media supply, such as electrical, telecommunication, steam, refrigeration, the old building is gradually connected to the new supply and disposal systems.
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