New construction of an energy center with CHP plant, three condensation boilers as well as other
technical systems

Project scope

  • Investment: 1.1 million Euro
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions: approx. 600 metric tons per year
  • Term of Contract: 10 years

Project description

  • Construction of a new, 3,600 kW, 325 m² heating center, equipped with three condensation boilers and a CHP plant.
  • The system supplies the heating and central hot water systems of the new spectator stands, as well as the existing turf heaters in the stadium and and training field. The exhaust gases are discharged via a group of smokestacks 10 meters in height
  • Through the conversion of heating oil to natural gas and the replacement of the old oil-fired boilers with new condensation boilers and cascade system with a large performance range and a high degree of effectiveness, as well as the installation of a CHP system, more than 600 tons of CO2 emissions are saved annually at the Stadion An der Alten Försterei (stadium at the former forest ranger office).
  • The savings in CO2 correspond to the total emissions of approx. 74 two-person households per year (incl. power and heating).
  • The decentralized power generation is approx. 300 MWh/a. This is enough to supply approx. 120 two-person households.
  • Energy management by Kofler Energies provides highly efficient operation of the new systems throughout the term of the contract.
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