Intrinsic Value and Cost Stability

Through efficient energy supply with a cogen plant (CHP), property owners can ensure that the desirability and intrinsic value of their location continues to increase. How this can be accomplished is the work of the experienced engineers at Kofler Energies.

The combined generation of power and heat in a cogen plant is not only very efficient, but also eliminates distribution loss since production takes place at the user site. For equal demand, it is therefore a more cost effective solution than the separate procurement from energy suppliers. Additionally, cogen plants are designed specifically for the requirements of the respective user so that overcapacity is not an issue.

Property owners and companies benefit

Through the installation of CHPs, property owners can reduce ancillary costs for energy supply and thereby achieve a better evaluation on their energy certification. This increases the property value in the event of a lease or a sale.

Efficient energy generation with CHP also pays off for companies: through reduced energy consumption, energy costs can be better calculated and, at the same time, the impact of price increases is cushioned.

Long-term stability in costs through professional support

To exploit all the benefits of CHPs, it is recommended that property owners and companies rely on professional operation of the system. Here too, Kofler Energies provides support: our customers can focus on their core business while securing a highly efficient and cost stable energy supply.

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